Baking Soda

When you think of baking soda, you probably think of that tiny box sitting in your fridge, keeping odors at bay. That is just one of the many versatile properties of baking soda!

This is one of my key ingredients in my detox bath mixtures. When 1/4-1 cup of baking soda is dissolved in a detox bath, it helps your body in a variety of ways, including helping to neutralize the toxins you are releasing into the water so your body doesn’t reabsorb them.

Properties of baking soda include:

  • Neutralizes the chemicals, acids, and toxins your body is releasing through sweating and your pores opening up. Baking soda washes away oils and perspiration from our skin. Baking soda also neutralizes a main ingredient in our bath water, chlorine, while also increasing mineral absorption.
  • Facial scrub, body exfoliant, natural deodorant
  • Hair cleanser: the baking soda helps remove the residue that styling products leave behind
  • Relieves insect bites and itchy skin
  • Antifungal properties; cleansing
  • Leaves soft skin

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