Rose Quartz

81b7fd844474950e0d91ffa3eea17bfbAh, my darling Rose Quartz. This is one of my favorite stones for its wonderful love properties.

Color: pale/powder pink

Energy: Receptive



  • Lowers stress and brings happiness and soothing to the soul
  • Brings gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance as well as balancing one’s emotions; thus bringing inner peace and harmony.
  • Helps balance emotions and heal emotional wounds and traumas, even grief, bringing peace and calm. Can help with reconciliation.
  • Can ease overwhelming or unreasonable guilt


  • Gem of unconditional love that opens oneself to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, romantic love
  • Enhances one capability to love others as well as oneself
  • Promotes peace, happiness and fidelity in established relationships
  • Universal love; emotions; forgiveness


  • Aids in the proper functioning of the circulatory system, kidneys, adrenals, genitals, liver, lungs and heart
  • Increases fertility and protects against radiation
    • Protective during pregnancies and with childbirth
  • Assists with headaches, kidney disease, migraines, sexual dysfunction, sinus problems, throat problems, depression, addictions, ear aches, slowing signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, spleen problems, fibromyalgia, and reaching one’s ideal weight and in weight loss
  • Support brain functions and increases intellect

Cleansing and Charging:

  • Never leave in full sunlight; its color will fade.
  • Charge by full moonlight

Read more on how to cleanse and charge your stones!

Ways to Use Rose Quartz:

  1. Place in your bedroom to aid in peaceful sleep.
  2. Carry on your person and rub when feeling anxious.
  3. Keep one at your place of employment to promote positive relationships and interactions. Depending on the level of stress and hostility in your work environment, you may need to cleanse this stone regularly.
  4. Place near your head to ease headaches, tension, and anger.
  5. Give to a friend or loved one to strengthen relationship. Cleanse and charge with positive energy before giving.

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My mind never stops. Ever. Some may say, “um, duh.” But I am always thinking of something. Every single moment of every day, even in sleep, though unconsciously, I am thinking an array of experiences. I say “experiences” because not all thoughts are simple statements. We think entire worlds full of expression and feeling. 

What we consider the mind in all politically-correct terms is the brain, which does the “thinking.” Perhaps I am unique in my ponderings, but hopefully there are many others who share my belief. I don’t consider the mind as the source of thought. Yes, it definitely is vital to the success of the whole; that I do not deny. In a very base sense of the explanation, I feel our souls are in a way trapped inside the earthly bodies we’ve been gifted  to experience this realm. My conscious (and subconscious) are my soul, my entire self, even the parts I do not yet recognize. My head/brain along with the heart make up our earthly understanding of this astounding entity I call soul. 

Since my soul is constantly learning, growing, feeling, and experiencing, I encourage you to express your beliefs openly, while respectful and never forceful. I enjoy hearing other perceptions and realities because my soul is constant clay, it is molded with each experience. I keep my limitless entity open to other possibilities of higher expansion. I do not shun those differences between all beings, but listen and accept that as truth for their reality. We live not in black and white, but the multi-hued kaleidoscope of grey. Our existence should not be bound by the terms of good or evil, because who can claim to make that decision? There is not the polar opposites, as many think, but an array of all between. So please share your experiences and musings so I may continue to grow with each passing moment. Even if we disagree on points, we both grow by openly listening and at least considering the other realities possible. 

With a soul constantly in active thought, I experience adventures In multiple dimensions at one time. Time is an explanation devised by man to better make sense of his relation to existence. Let me explain my reasoning. If we did not have a physical clock, we would base time via the moon and season cycles. Those elements are unique to existence on this planet. Think now of the possibility of existence on planets or planes that are not of Earth. These places may have varying numbers of moons and stars/suns; or none at all. Their perception of time could be completely different than ours, if they acknowledge it at all. That is my best current explanation for my bold statement (my truth) that time is a man-made entity. 

For now, I will cease my ramblings and return at another time. 

Live in each moment, my friends.