I’m Kelly and this is my compilation of thoughts, crafts, projects, feelings, knowledge, and more. Parental advisory: I will not censor my thoughts or words. I like to curse, so get over it or move on. Shit. 🙂

I dislike labels, since they are discriminatory and there is never a case where someone fits into one category only. Also, sometimes there are pieces of a label that we fit into, while others we omit from our unique selves. Hence, labels are never accurate. With that being said, we can each identify with probably a dozen or more categories. Labels are a way of life we will never be able to break away from because it helps us explain things. Thus, I have included several “categories” I find I fit into in at least some way that is significant enough to note. Hopefully these labels give you an idea of who I am in a sense.

Hippie. Gypsy. Artist. Lover of Stones. Creative Soul. Free Thinker. Dreamer. Wanderlust. Moon Child. Pagan. Tree Hugger. Empath. Pisces. Adventurer. Bohemian.

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