Who I Am / Disclaimer

This is my world, my thoughts, and a massive window into my life. I am extremely complex and constantly surprise my own self. I seek such depth in my life that to attempt to put it into words would be foolhardy. Naturally, I must attempt the insurmountable obstacle, whilst realizing even now that there is no way to overcome it. I cannot give you each moment as I experience it in its rich existence in time, but I will try to give you even a glimpse into my life.

I dislike labels because they prescribe for us who or what we should be when we are all so incredibly diverse, we should encourage our own individuality. We should not have to follow the guidelines or rules of a certain religion, stereotype, or group unless it feels right to do so. Do not be afraid to take the knowledge you’ve learned through experience and change your mind and life. While I discourage strict labels, they are a necessary part of life. Each of us are a small part of multiple groups whether we want to be or not. I am white, and regardless of whether I want to fall into that group, I am placed there automatically by society. Thus, I will give you as many of the groups I voluntarily place myself into below:

I am an artist, dreamer, hippie, gypsy, and creative soul. I am a lover of stones and am a free thinker. I am a tree hugger, wanderlust, Pagan, and empath. I am an adventurer, moon child, and Pisces. I am a homebody, but total extrovert who requires alone time. I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who is easily excitable. I am forever a student to this world and those it houses. I am a Humanitarian; I care deeply about the well-being of others. I am a sailor, and by that, I mean I curse. A lot. I won’t apologize for being me. I’m stubborn, but willing to compromise.

Artful Existence is for everyone, but that too, is subject to change based on anyone┬ábeing an ass. This blog is for open growth and support. We won’t all agree on everything and that’s good! All I ask is that you be respectful in your words. And no name-calling… we aren’t in first grade, folks!

My mind wanders constantly, and normally, my stories have detours, telling another great story I just thought of, then continuing with my original story. This can sometimes get several layers deep until I forget what I was talking about in the first place. This is what I call my “SQUIRREL!!” attribute. I like to think that it’s because my mind goes so fast, holding onto one logical thought at a time is impossible. ­čśë I am constantly thinking of multiple things.

I do not claim to be a good person nor role model, although I strive to be both. One of my greatest dreams in life is to inspire and help others better themselves. Being an empath, I feel emotions on a whole different level of intensity. While I seek the higher ground, I blunder and continue to do so. I have fallen down, gotten back up, dusted myself off, and continued on my journey. Each experience offers us an opportunity to learn and grow. I will continue to make mistakes and accept that as part of the wild adventure.

I yearn to be better everyday (BE) and continuously educate myself in areas in which I am ignorant. If you notice an error in my words or knowledge, please alert me. This will help keep me vigilant and learning. Also, if you have a varying point of view on a topic I’m discussing, I encourage active participation and debate! I look forward to this artful community of self growth!!