Hydrogen Peroxide


Yes, this bad boy has his own Blog post!! He is another super star in my detox baths!

It is advised to use 1-4 cups in a detox bath.

Properties of peroxide:

  • Oxygen detox bath
  • Helps body get ride of toxins
  • Antibacterial and antiviral; great to use in detox bath if you’ve been around a large group of people, traveled, or were around anyone sick
  • Can pretty much heal any infection, fungus, cut, etc.
  • Ease tooth pain
  • Whiten teeth; toothpaste (mix with coconut oil)
  • Kills salmonella and other bacteria: spray peroxide, then vinegar on a cutting board or work area
  • Bathroom cleaner

*When used in excess, this can have a lightening effect on your hair, so make sure to wrap your hair up when taking a bath with this ingredient, unless you want to lighten your hair, I suppose.