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Join me on Friday, May 15 at 7 pm EDT. 

Have you been interested in learning more about the cool stuff I post on essential oils, how they’ve cleansed my body and soul, and benefit my life on a daily basis? Did you know that we consume, in one way or another, a plethora of toxins all around us each moment of every day? From the makeup we use to the cleaning products we clean our homes with, we are consuming these chemicals all the time. Our bodies are crying out for some natural relief!  

Here’s the roll on I made for pain.  

Learn how simple it is to make beauty products and natural remedies using all natural essential oils! Want to get rid of toxins in your home? Clean up your act by choosing to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Spend an hour from the comfort of your own home learning all about the amazing uses for Young Living Essential Oils. Learn what sets our oils apart and understand the amazing benefits of the oils most used in my home! This is going to be a jam-packed hour so make sure to have a pen and paper handy to take notes! Also, save the shared links and articles to a browser folder to refer back to later.

  Tummy Roll On

 Yup, that’s a hard cider bottle. Because I’m gangster like that. Emptied, cleaned, filled with vinegar, water, and essential oils.  The top doesn’t fit great, obviously, but I thought it was smart when I needed to improvise. Make sure to hold the top on tight. You know what? It’s safer not to try the above at home. It could get interesting. 
  These are some great roll ons for various needs. 

 I have tons to skin issues, so this is applied daily. 

We are going to post a TON of information, so please feel free to come to us before, during, and/or after the event if you have any questions. We encourage active participation if you’re comfortable asking questions IN the posts as well to generate discussion and new ideas. 
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Join me on Friday, May 15 at 7 pm EDT to learn how to add to your oily arsenal and find new uses for essential oils. I’ll share some ways you can save money and get free promotions from Young Living. WIN!
This is a LIVE Facebook class – which means all you need to do is tune in from your computer in the comfort of your own home. Just join this event page on Facebook to tune in. We’ll start with a welcome post and then will follow with information every few minutes. 

Here’s all YOU need to do: ask questions and participate in our posts. You’ll qualify for AWESOME prizes. Tune in anytime but we start promptly at 7 pm EDT and we’ll have special prizes for those who are here at the start time.

Can’t make it at 7 pm? It’s ok, tune in later and catch up on the posts. 
We’ll have information on Young Living, the quality oil they provide, why we use oils, how we use oils, the most popular oils and how to best use them, where/how to order, Essential Rewards, how to get huge discounts, learn new recipes, and tons more!!

Invite your friends and family and have a splendid evening with me (virtually), a glass of wine, in your pjs, learning about essential oils and winning great prizes. I think yes.

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