Acknowledge Beauty.


Art is all around us and to each individual soul, beauty is felt. When you feel these moments, when your soul is touched by the beauty in another, make it known. Whether that be the beautiful golden eyes of a stranger or a well-thought-out ensemble of a coworker. It could be a magnificent tie or the barren winter trees outside. Acknowledge the beauty. Compliment the individuals who have brought this moment of beauty, and move on. You expect nothing in return because you are simply acknowledging that you also feel beauty in a certain thing/person/attribute/etc. However, don’t tell someone they have pretty eyes and then just turn on your heel and run. That will obviously look very odd and maybe even creepy. Do not be afraid to give compliments. Make eye contact with a person and simply tell them that something they have on or their appearance in general is whatever adjective you choose to use that explains the beauty.

Admiring beauty that does not involve other human beings is clearly easier, but may not touch as many people. When admiring beauty in nature or in objects around you, make note to stop and take in your senses. What do you feel? HOW do you feel? Is it awe-inspiring, bringing tears to your eyes because its beauty is so profound? Good! I say commence, good friend! Allow yourself to experience what the beauty does to you. If sounds escape your lips, such as a sigh or a moan, allow it, as this releases even more positive energy into the object and the world around you. And you can pass along at least a semblance of that moment of beauty through photography and words. If you feel inclined to write, express your moment and sensations through the words, thus creating art yourself.

Experience the world around you. This will allow you to discern more awe-inspiring dimensions in this world and others. Stop for a moment and simply be. Feel what is going on around you right at this very moment. The textures, people, smell, wind, temperature. Look around and see beauty. Document this beauty if you wish, or simply take with you the memory of that moment. That is up to you and at your discretion.

I encourage you, dear friends, to never allow beauty to cross your path without a considerable amount of exertion put forth to express and acknowledge this beauty. There are times when discretion advises against expressing your moment of beauty, but I like to count those as few times indeed. And then it makes the giving of my expressions of beauty that much more meaningful. Compliment others. Take pictures. Laugh. Live in this moment, if only for a moment. Experience awe. Acknowledge these moments for the impact they have in this time in existence.

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