Ginger can be added to a detox bath to aid in detoxification, or it could be used in an array of other ways, such as to bake delicious snickerdoodle cookies. This superwoman has extreme healing powers that can be utilized in a plethora of ways.

Properties of Ginger:

  1. Eases headaches; migraines
  2. Eases tummy troubles; colon health; digestive tract
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Eases cold symptoms such as sore throat, cough

Ingest/Take Internally

  1. Juice and mix with smoothies or juices for a powerful immune-boosting kick!
  2. Use dried ginger in recipes such as pumpkin pie or snickerdoodle cookies. Add some to your coffee for a different taste!
  3. Add to tea to ease cold or flu symptoms.
  4. Slice up fresh ginger and add to detox water.

Detox Bath

You can choose to put fresh ginger in the tub as well if you would like. Ginger helps you to sweat, so be prepared to. The more ginger you add, the more you will sweat and the hot water helps in flushing those toxins out. Sounds fun, huh? It is actually very relaxing, sitting back in the tub with your water beside you (preferably the amazing detox water you could make with a few items you probably already have on hand). I also sometimes will have wine as well, but tend to still gravitate towards the water because my body is sweating so much. Back to the ginger! It will get sweaty, but that’s what this ingredient does. Think of it like a sauna, but you can choose how much to add. Fresh ginger is obviously stronger than dried.

It is advised to put 1 t to 1 T of dried ginger and/or anywhere from ½ cup to 2 cups of fresh ginger, grated.

Article on how to peel/grate ginger.


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